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The Heat is On!!!

The Heat is On!!!

Today we are on to the new Year of 2015, wood and the Goat. This period represents strength and power with flexibility and agility.  Remember that wood represents life, growth and strength.  The goat is  representation of agility, flexibility and contribution. Colors for 2015 represent the blue of water, the gold of sun, and all its variations.  Soft cream and…read more →

PCHStaging and the Environment

PCHStaging and the Environment

What can we do to improve our environment whether we are staging for home, work or vacation homes.  Let’s just review and start working a little harder. RECYCLE – finally, one of the largest cities in the US is catching on.  Thank you grocery stores. PLASTIC – GLASS – NEWSPAPER This means separating and cleaning – sounds hard but it…read more →

PCH Staging

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2015 Business Importance

Today I am learning the importance of record keeping, being sick, and learning the meaning and differences between two.


Shipping Containers, Modern Lines, Recycling I have always loved Mid Century Modern, and by the time this style becomes the norm, we will be using shipping container homes everywhere as a genius way to reuse something we’d otherwise throw recycle and throw in landfill. One of the most amazing is down the street from me in Redondo Beach, and sets precedent for…read more →

Thoughts for the Day….

Independence, what it stands for and what does it mean?

OMGosh Pia! Thought for the day

Are you ready for Easter???  It is coming up soon and it is a very special time in Christian history. Imagine how many different visuals you can create in honor of Easter by decorating eggs.  Some have even made a fortune on this idea, such as Faberge.  A few days ago, an egg from the Russian Tsar was discovered by…read more →

HOME Staging with OSH

A photo is worth 1000 words   A new OSH opened on Hawthorne Blvd. in South Bay this weekend, and for the opening OSH had the best customer service anywhere.  I am not saying it will last, because I heard they brought numerous employees in from other stores to handle the grand opening.  But, I must say shopping on Sunday…read more →

Beach Cities California Home Staging

For all those who don’t already know what Home Staging is, give me a call, or contact RESA the Real Estate Staging Association for a proper definition. For all those people getting involved in selling and buying real estate, contact me for staging, feng-shui consulting and/or coaching, to eliminate the stress and make this an exciting and rewarding experience. Consider the…read more →

Another January

HOW TO USE THE NEW YEAR in your favor…. Now is the time to prepare your mind for the future, your home for this year’s energy, your finances for your next desire, and your energy for the environment for everyone. How does this happen you ask? 1. You are probably feeling a mixture of up and down, the down of…read more →

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